The Vision Impaired Artist Superhero; Who Harnesses His Extraordinary Intuition With Every Brushstroke

"My way of working is akin to a songwriter’s. A flash of an image or words slip into me through the side window when i'm least expecting it. I work off of titles, navigating and editing, finding my way home from out of the woods. You will find a touch of whimsy and humor amongst the emotions brought forth in my work. Moreso much of my work leads me forward as the work is 'ahead of me' in its manifestation. I paint to live."

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Jenna Fischer showcases Hickland's "Cat With Gold Teeth" masterpiece in her home while promoting Litter Robot

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Celebrity Collectors

• Jenna Fischer - Prime Time Emmy Award Winning
Actress/Best known as Pam Beesly (The Office) and Best
Podcast (The Office Girls) I Heart Radio
• Simon Kaplan / Real Estate Development
• Amy Wallace - Conde Nast writer.
• Craig Baumgarten - Los Angeles film producer.
• Michael Rymer - Director: Picnic At Hanging Rock, Hannibal, Battlestar Galactica.
• Joan Tewkesbury - Legendary Writer / Director : Classic movie
• Ann Rice - Writer of popular vampire lore.
• Torie Steele
• Crystina Wyly Musk
• Roxanne Koon
• Peter Alford
• Rod Hardy Australian Tv and Film Producer